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Shaping the foundation of your success - with casting wax solutions molded by unparalleled experience and commitment.

Over 300 years of experience

Time-tested excellence meets contemporary precision.

At MORSA, tradition meets innovation. With over three centuries of unparalleled experience in wax processing, we seamlessly blend our historical expertise with industry-specific knowledge to craft customized
solutions tailored to diverse sectors
. With an unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards, we take pride in being your trusted partner.

In the intricate art of casting, the quality of wax patterns reigns supreme. Recognizing that each casting is only as exceptional as the wax model that precedes it, we ensure that our seasoned craftsmanship sets the foundation for your success.

Highest quality standards

We offer state-of-the-art investment casting waxes which are
considered among the best available materials on the market.

All MOR-CAST lines show minimal cavitation, excellent dimensional stability and are easy to melt out.

It is very important for the production of high quality castings that wax properties are correctly controlled in our laboratories. The very strict quality control procedures employed by MORSA ensure consistency and compliance with important specifications. For example:

  • drop melt point
  • congealing point
  • ash content
  • penetration
  • viscosity

Extensive technical support

At MORSA, we understand that navigating the intricacies of your projects requires more than just quality materials - it demands a reliable partner.

Our experienced engineering team stands ready to provide top-tier technical support throughout your journey.

Whether you're experiencing trials or engaging in complex technical projects, our dedicated technical support ensures you're never alone. Our seasoned engineers are happy to offer guidance and insights tailored to your unique needs. Upon the successful completion of technical projects, we provide comprehensive technical reports. These reports not only showcase the results but also offer valuable insights that empower you to make informed decisions for your future endeavors.

At MORSA, technical excellence is not just a promise. It's a commitment we uphold.


"RE-NEW" Recycling and Reclamation

With reconstituted wax, big cost savings are achievable, with no loss of performance or quality.

Reclamation of wax is a process where MORSA elaboratively dewaters, cleans and homogenizes a foundry‘s used wax for the purpose of re-use. The unique three stage reclaim process applies no thermal stress to the wax, as processing temperatures rarely exceed 90 ̊ C.

Because of our innovative reclamation process, no virgin additives are needed to maintain agreed usable specifications as a gate or runner wax. Ash can be removed, using a choice of processing options, to ensure the final wax meets all the required specifications.

Reconstitution of wax is an advanced recycling techniques developed by MORSA where we elaboratively dewater, clean and homogenize a foundry‘s used wax for the purpose of re-use. In this process via a special in house developed technology the wax will return to the original specifications for the use as a pattern wax. The final properties are very much in line with those of the virgin material. Ash content levels below 0,02% can be achieved. Our in house designed centrifuge works very differently to standard centrifuges at low temparatures, so very little thermal stress is caused.

1. You send used wax to MORSA

We keep the wax strictly separate from other returned waxes at all times.

2. We recycle and renew your wax

We reconstitute your wax to the agreed specifications at MORSA.

3. We return the renewed wax to you

You get the recycled wax as reconstituted pattern wax or reclaimed wax for runner systems.

The use of reconstituted pattern wax allows the production of a complete range of patterns with significant cost benefits and little to no reduction in quality.

In-house innovations of our recycling process make our recycling very advantageous:

For example: very little thermal stress of the wax is caused due to heating constantly below 90°C. This also means our process is very environmental friendly. Also there are no additives needed. The actual volumes of recycling wax are mainly dependent of the quantity of contaminants and water present in the autoclave wax. However it is possible that often even more than 70% of the used wax can be reconstituted.

The ensure ideal quality of our reconstituted waxes, we use rigorous testing. Learn more about our test methods here.

Recycling and reclamation at MORSA

With reconstituted wax big cost savings are achievable, with no loss of performance or quality

  1. Our way of reclamation/ cleaning by centrifuging is unique.

We dry the wax under vacuum – therefore no thermal degradation and over-heating is possible. The wax doesn’t change in its chemistry

We supply many aerospace foundries since many years or decades even with pattern wax

  1. We already reclaim   waxes of all competitors and know it works

To answer some frequently asked questions:

Does your company have any national permit or other document confirming that they have a waste treatment installation (not an ordinary production line for e.g. the production of waxes) and can carry out the recovery / disposal of waste?

Yes, you can find our certificates is on the website.

Where will the waste wax be processed?

That is at our main facility, Nordstr. 3, in 86381 Krumbach Germany, we also have facilities in Romania, India and USA.

How large a sample of used wax do you need to determine if our wax is suitable for recovery (sample limit to 25 kg) - of course if necessary?

1.5 tons is required for a sensible test run.

What amounts of used wax are you able to receive from us - once (the amount of a single transport) and e.g. annually?

Usually, our customers send us full Truckloads, about 24 pallets/IBC/BigBags roughly 15 tons per delivery. This has proven to be a good quantity. Our operation is easily scalable, we can go to maximum capacity on short notice and that will allow us to process a couple of 100 tons more per year.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

The best way would be to pour a much bigger amount of wax into a pyramid / cylinder form or maybe an IBC in order to let sedimentation of the material happen

The best way to go without using bags is to pour it into blocks, that fit on a Pallet.

The best way to dry the wax depends on a variety of factors.

We use advanced vacuum circulation dryers that can remove water on low heat, to avoid degradation of the product.

A simpler way would be to directly heat the wax with a coil in a tank while stirring it.

As the temperature for prolonged exposure should be kept in a moderate range of roughly 85-90 °C the drying process will take a considerable amount of time.

The exact possible temperature for this kind of wax will have to be established.

However, this design can also help remove sedimentation.

The efficiency of this design can be improved by adding another larger drying tank.

Form of delivery:

  • either pellets / slabs / cartouches
  • In 25 kilo bags
  • In 500 kilo ‘Big Bags’


  • EU-Pallets, PE foil

Incoming used wax & raw material input control:

The incoming wax from a foundry is specially marked and kept strictly separate so each customer receives back their own material.

In order to ensure exclusion of unwanted elements. Each customer receives a certificate of analysis for every batch.

Virtually no disadvantage to chemistry can be found in reconstituted wax compared to virgin wax.

There are no significant increases in key elements as well as no significant increases in ash content.

MORSA Laboratory services:

  • Wax testing
  • Quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2008
  • Research and Development
  • Testing of raw input materials
  • Technical reports
  • Evaluation of incoming used wax
  • Tailor / customer specific developments
  • Quality control of batches

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