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years of experience

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MORSA is one of the oldest known companies in Europe with a history dating back to the year 1647. In the last decades MORSA has gained extensive special knowledge when it comes to the
development of casting waxes.

We transferred and combined our expertise of producing waxes and other investment casting materials into our precision investment casting wax line. Foundry industry sectors served include automotive, aerospace, sports, industrial turbines, medicals, communications and electronics, jewelry and more.

As the ultimate quality of castings depends primarily on the quality of wax patterns, each casting can only be as good as the wax model previously prepared. Thus we comply the ever increasing quality requirements for modern investment casting waxes.

Our experience in wax processing combined with our industry specific knowledge gives us the ability to create custom solutions for a variety of industries. Additionally, our in house product development and R&D departments, offer state-of-the-art service, technical solutions and individual support for our world-wide customers.

Products & Solutions

With expertise rooted in a rich history, we bring decades of experience to the art of wax casting.

At MORSA, we also deliver custom wax solutions tailored to your companies needs!

High quality investment casting waxes

We offer state-of-the-art investment casting waxes which are considered among the best available materials on the market.

Discover our products

Casting wax recycling and reclamation

The use of reconstituted pattern wax allows the production of a complete range of patterns with significant cost benefits and little to no reduction in quality. In-house innovations of our recycling process make our recycling very advantageous.

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3D printing wax

When using 3D printing for lost wax casting, the burnout is extremely clean. This product can also be polished, machined, and carved MUCH easier than plastic filaments.

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Art foundry services

Discover tailored services designed for art foundries in the realm of investment casting wax. We help elevate your artistic endeavors with wax products that allow for excellent precision and craftsmanship, ensuring the finest quality in your creations.

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Our philosophy

"Producing state-of-the-art casting waxes is more than just wax chemistry.

We believe it is a science of its own!"

Chris  is our R+D development head and a US wax chemist with over 40,000,000 pounds of experience in casting wax formulation, reclamation and use who has worked on many development programs at foundries for military, Aerospace and commercial applications that helped develop processes for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Boeing R+D, Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company, The US Department of Defense and several other Governments and agencies across the globe. His expertise centers on Net Shape Injection Molding of various foams metals and polymeric compounds. His efforts are focused on formulation, process efficiency, advanced reclamation technologies and assessment of customer needs.We don't provide a wax, we provide a dimension, a cavitation and a flexural modulus in a thermodynamic system that ensures successful evacuation from your shell.


Your benefits

The investment casting process is an art that goes back thousands of years. We make sure that our experience translates to higher value for our customers.


Morsa has been producing the finest waxes and investment casting materials since 1647.

Highest quality standards

Our materials are manufactured according to scientific specifications and are the cutting edge of the art.

Renew & Reclamation

With reconstituted wax, big cost savings are achievable, with little to no loss of performance or quality.

Technical Support

Our experienced engineering team will be happy to support you with technical matters relating to our waxes and investment casting materials.

Excellent quality for your manufacturing

For modern investment casting waxes there are highest component requirements as well as preconditions regarding constant characteristics of the component:

  • ideal flexibility
  • formation of smooth and hard surfaces
  • sufficient strength to warrant stability in large models
  • minimum and defined shrinkage
  • temperature stability and minimal ash content
  • ...and more

When recommending waxes, MORSA does not only consider these fundamental qualities but also important specific foundry qualities.

You need more information?

Download the MOR-CAST brochure for detailed info about our services and products!

Learn about:

  • Shelling materials
  • Lab facilities
  • Test methods
  • 3d printing
  • Recycling and reclamation
  • Properties of MOR-CAST casting wax
  • ...more

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About us

MORSA is one of the oldest known companies in Europe with a history dating back to the year 1647.

In the last decades MORSA has gained extensive special knowledge when it comes to the development of casting waxes. This special knowledge and experience is the reason of our success in the development and production of investment casting waxes.

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